Roberta Campoli

roberta campoli

Roberta Campoli was born in Ferentino (Fr) on 21/07/1992, daughter of art at 2 years old she starts playing with music in a preparatory course at the municipal school of Ferentino with the Maestro A. Nicchiniello. She later studies the piano with the Maestro M. Damato.
Growing up at the age of 8 she joined a female band the called “Bellemonelle” of which she was the mascotte. In 2003 she was admitted to the “Licinio Refice” conservatory of Frosinone where she began a thorough study of classical piano with the Maestro M.R Giannone. In the meantime she continues playing in concerts with a pop preparation. In 2006 she graduated in music theory; suspends the study of classical piano and starts jazz piano with the Maestro G. Venditti at the “Sonoria Music School” owned by the Izzizzari Brothers and studies with the Maestro M. Capuani.
In 2011 Robert arrived first at the international contest “Music Awards”.
At the age of 18 Roberta becomes a perfectionist in pop music with the Maestro E. Pano and with the Maestro G. Pica Roberta gets ready to be admitted to the conservatory of Frosinone “Licinio Refice”, she is admitted with the highest votes on the list and she still studies there with the Maestro D. Caravano (Neri per caso – a famous group). Through the years she has taken part of many stages to perfection her singing along with V. Caporale with “Baraonna”, Giò Di Tonno, Silvia Gavarotti.
She has worked with various artist and various formatious. Over the years she has studied recitation with the various artist.
In 2011 Roberta gets through all the selection’s to join the programme of Maria Del Filippi on T.V channel 5 called “Amici” and she takes part of the first episode. She graduated at the “Maccari Brothers high school on Frosinone in social psyco pedagogical science and she is currently studyng education science and training at the Univ. Of Cassino.