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It was 1985, the year in which my love for music began and especially for that kind of music that would have made festive all Clubs : House Music . Same year i began tomake the first dj set on tape. The first vynil i bought was "19" by Paul Hardcastle.
The highest moment was in 1988/89 when i went to London...the world oh house music (Acid, Garage, ...) had taken off.
I continued in the year to buy vynil in London (Black Market Records) while continuing, at the same time, to give around house music recorded on tapes to reise awareness of this genre. So, in 1994 decided to start my adventure as a Dj beginning to play and organize parties in my own town: Frosinone.
The result was umparalleled...we formed a group. The Detroit Family (Zurko dj + Pablo dj+Danilo Jamie Animation, Duke Alberto Voice...), organized, in all respects, with great quality. A short time is attracted attention in many italian and some foreign Clubs : Mafferri Sound (Fr) - Sottovuoto (Fr) - Gradisca (Pg) - Zen(Lt) - Giona Club (Lt)- Qube (Roma) - Kandinsky (Roma) - El Motel (Ibiza) - Club Mau Mau (Oporto) - Black Jelly (London) - Red (London) - Underground (Cartagena Columbia) - Matiolda (Jesolo), Savanha (Mn) - Alter Ego (Vr)... I've come back after seven years of darkness ( 2005...2012).
I have collaborated in the years and, in same cases, worked with groups such as Exogroove - Ennenci - Fitcdarraldo - New York Bar - Angel of Love - Manumission - Matilda ...and served Djs and producers such as Joe T Vannelli, Frankie Tmburo, Alex Neri, Claudio Coccoluto, Frankie Knucles , Tedd Patterson, Alex Neri, Flavio Vecchi, Pablo, Santos ...and God save Danny Tenaglia !
"Anyone who doesn't dance doesn't know the way of life" Jesus Christ "...let there be House !" Zurko