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Marco Navarra was born on 14/12/1985 in Ferentino (Frosinone).
He is found of electronic equipments but even of piano and percussion instruments.
When he was 14 years old he approached totally the world of music. He explored several dance-floor and discovered that the movement he loved was House music.
Rhythm and groove are essential in his dj-set. His sound is marked by jazz and techno contaminations.
He is inspired by DJs like 2000andOne, DJ Sneak, Luciano.
He lives his mark with the strength of will, typical behavior of a dreamer who wants his dream becomes true.
Several the experiences he had around Frosinone and, during Summertime, he's always present at l'Azienda in Circeo Gulf. During 2008, in Rome, Nana Club born and become a new reality. Marco Navarra is the Resident Dj togheter with Kikko Messina and Marco Dos.
He is present to each event organize by the staff (Fiesta Privada, Afterino Carino, Touloulou, Carnival Summer, etc.) In July 2011 he moved to Riccione, where he actually stays, and here he becomes soon very poplar, into the Temple of Music and in Piazzale Roma during New Year's Eve.